why Plagiarism Occurs
01 Nov 2021
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5 Most Common Reasons of Plagiarism Occurrence

Plagiarism, or sharing someone else’s work as your own, is a common act that has been practiced for hundreds of years. It has earned significant attention with the immense popularity of digital mediums and the advent of modern technology that has made it simple to unveil instances of plagiarism. Duplication of others’ work is unacceptable in all fields of life. Any kind of plagiarism, from intentional to accidental, is equally harmful to one’s career and can destroy the reputation in no time. 

But, the million-dollar question here is, why do people plagiarize? What are the main and common reasons of common reasons of plagiarism occurrence? What are the causes that lead people to copy others’ work?


This blog post will mainly focus on addressing these questions by explaining the major roots of plagiarism. Therefore, it is suggested to stick with the article to get the most out of it. So now, let’s unveil the first reason from our list without any further ado! 

Inappropriate Time Management 

Submission of assignments timely is expected from students, and those who fail to meet the deadline may have to go through severe punishments. Students may get an F grade, and an employee may have to bear embarrassment before the mates for the late submission of a report. To avoid such hassle, people tend to opt for finding a shortcut, and the easiest way they can find is by copying the work of others. The less assigned time, or sometimes laziness, leads people to commit the crime by plagiarizing others’ work. However, the problem can be overcomed by giving yourself enough time. You can ask for more time from your teacher or supervisor in order to create high-quality and plagiarism-free content. 

Unattractive Topic

Students mostly go through such problems where they don’t find a topic or subject attractive or exciting, and if they are asked to make a comprehensive assignment on the same topic, they will prefer duplicating others’ work. You would agree that every student has different likes or dislikes of the subject as per his/her preference. For example, a student who finds Botany a boring subject is asked to submit a lengthy report about the same subject may move for some alternatives instead of making any efforts and end up plagiarism. At that moment, the students may prefer to copy the others’ work and present it to their instructor instead of making efforts from scratch. The teachers can play a significant role in controlling this issue. They need to present the subject excitingly and assign work to a student according to his/her capacity. 

Unawareness of Adequate Citation Methods

Several people out there find it tedious and hectic to make efforts to craft catchy content. Instead, they prefer visiting online platforms and copy the information they feel is relevant, and use it as their creation. It has been observed that many individuals take plagiarism as a rightful act and don’t even bother to cite the source of information. However, it is also important to mention here that there are many people who are not copycats but oblivious to the correct way of citing a source, and they fall under the charges of plagiarism. Any information submitted online or to the teachers that are misquoted or not cited properly, if caught, will be considered as plagiarism. 

Again, it is the teachers’ responsibility to enlighten their students with the appropriate way of citation to save them from the penalties against plagiarism. 

Dearth of Confidence

Many students find it challenging when it comes to sharing their views in written form. Weak grammar skills or less knowledge about the topic make them prone to complex scenarios. The fear of being trolled or getting insulted leads them to copy the content from the web. Moreover, many individuals believe that the text they find online is much better than their own creation, and presenting it as their work will be more beneficial for them. These false beliefs turn an individual into a plagiarist. 

To counter, the person should trust his/her skills and improve them instead of copying others. Online language learning classes or consultations with teachers can help overcome grammatical issues. 

Consider it a Thrilling Act

You will find many people around you who believe that they will never be caught for plagiarism as many individuals commit the same crime. The truth is, many people slip through the cracks undoubtedly, and get away with plagiarism, but luck won’t be on your side every time. If only for once, you get caught for plagiarism, all your fame will be at stake. The innovation of modern plagiarism checkers has made it no uphill task to detect duplication in content. Therefore, people need to realize the complexity of the situation and avoid plagiarism as much as possible to save themselves from any unpleasant situation. 

Bottom Line  

Crafting unique and inspiring content is an art that enables a person to captivate peoples’ attention. However, many individuals try to take credit for other’s efforts by duplicating their content without any permission. The primary reasons discussed above lead them to plagiarize work from online sources and present it as their own. The use of an advanced plagiarism checker is vital to save yourself from committing this crime and also to catch the copycats using your writing without any authority.