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AI Content Detector

AI content detector to detect and prevent AI text generated by ChatGPT, Gemini, GPT-3, and GPT-4. Try our AI checker👇

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AI Detector: Directions to Use

Upload Content

Paste content or upload a file for AI detection by clicking the Upload button.

Initiate Process

Click on the "Detect AI Content" button AI detection.

AI Detection Completed

The AI-generated content will be highlighted, and the percentage of human and AI content will be mentioned.

Mechanism of AI Detection Tool

Our AI detector is based on highly advanced algorithms that scan your content thoroughly by passing through multiple phases as mentioned below:

Data Collection

The procedure of AI content detection starts with data collection. In this phase, the AI content checker performs a deep content analysis using the knowledge of the directory used by modern AI writing tools like ChatGPT.

Feature Extraction

Once the data is collected, this chatgpt detector starts extracting the critical features of the content. It examines the uploaded content's aspects, including sentence structure and overall text layout.

Training the Model

In this phase, the AI content detector uses supervised learning techniques to train the system to categorize data and extract features for AI checking.

Content Classification

After this, the output is classified into multiple sets of languages. This will enable the open AI detector tool to find out effectively the information taken from ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, or other AI writing tools.

Why Choose RewriteGuru’s AI Checker?

The free AI detector offered at helps you detect AI-generated text without following restrictions. Some advanced features of our online AI checker are here:

Quick Results

Our AI detection tool lets you easily detect AI-written text within seconds. This tool saves you from making any manual efforts and instantly gets accurate AI detection results.

Easy to Use

The super-friendly interface of this AI checker free tool makes it an incredible option for newbies. No technical knowledge or additional skill is required to use this free ChatGPT detector.

Deep Analysis

The advanced backend algorithms of our AI checker can make an in-depth analysis and examine every feature of content critically.

100% Accuracy

You don't need to worry about authenticity when using our free AI detector, as it provides 100% accurate results. You can crosscheck the results with any other AI content detector to ensure accuracy.

More Than an Ordinary AI Checker

RewriteGuru strived to provide users with this advanced ChatGPT detector that can identify your content's actual content writing resource. Some amazing roles of our AI text detector are:

GPT Detector

ChatGPT by OpenAI was launched in November 2022 as an AI chatbot. In an extremely short span, this application has grabbed dramatic appreciation. This GPT detector can easily detect the ChatGPT text in no time.

GPT-3 Detector

Our free AI checker is capable of finding the content generated by ChatGPT-3 technology and its earlier versions, such as GPT-2. Detecting openAI GPT-3 is challenging due to the involvement of deep learning mechanisms, but it is not an issue for our Chat GPT checker at all.

GPT-3.5 Detector

GPT-3.5 is the next version of ChatGPT AI technology that was introduced after Chat GPT-3. This technology is trained through an array of models on a blend of text before the last quarter of 2021, but as with all other versions, this can also be caught by our AI content detector.

GPT-4 Detector

The ChatGPT checker is developed to even detect the content produced using GPT-4 technology. No matter which AI model has been used for content generation, our tool ensures to provide 100% reliable and authentic results.

Potential Users of Our Free AI Content Detector

Our free AI detector helps people from different fields of life detect instances of AI in written work. Some prominent beneficiaries are:

Social Media Platforms

Appealing and catchy content is the biggest necessity for getting desired engagement on social media. However, consistently sharing content generated through AI tools can damage your business's reputation. Use our AI content detector to avoid any such complications and undesired situations.

Content Writers

Content writers absolutely need 100% unique and human-written content. Although a plagiarism checker can help them check duplication, what if this content is written by an AI tool? This can destroy their reputation. Therefore, verifying content through the AI detector before submitting is inevitable.

Educators and Researchers

The development of AI writing tools has made teachers worried about academic integrity. But no more worries; the availability of our highly competent free AI text detector helps them counter this problematic situation.


The textual content generated through AI technology is considered AI-generated text. The advent of modern tools enhances the instances of producing content through AI and presenting it as human-written content.

Our AI content checker shows 100% accurate results. The advanced backend algorithms of this ChatGPT checker examine your input text and display the percentage of human and AI written text.

Of Course! There is no need to pay a single coin to purchase any credit to access this free AI detection tool.

Our AI detector free highlights the AI content percentage from the text uploaded by you. This will help you estimate the ratio of text that is written by humans and generated with AI tools.

Yes! Our AI content detector helps you identify the text generated through GPT-4 or its previous versions. We keep on updating the tool's functionality, so this Chat GPT checker has become advanced enough to detect AI.

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