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Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrase tool free rephrases your content quickly and makes it 100% unique without disturbing the actual context. Try paraphrasing tool online👇

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More Than an Ordinary Paraphraser

Our free paraphrasing tool offers advanced AI features that will help you not only change sentences but also make it plagiarism free. Check details for some exceptional features:

AI Paraphrasing

  • Advanced AI paraphrasing algorithms are used.
  • Provides context-based creative suggestions.
  • The paraphrase generator always creates better & ready to publish content.

Spinning Modes

  • 3 different modes to paraphrase online
  • Creative spin: Medium Level
  • Turbo spin: Maximum word replacement
  • DIY mode: User's choice

Sentence Rephraser

  • Rephrase sentences with alternates
  • Multiple sentence paraphrase options for one sentence
  • Free to choose the most suitable words

Similarity Check

  • Based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Rates each synonym with a similarity percentage
  • Choose the most relevant synonym

Removes Plagiarism

  • Provides content with no traces of plagiarism.
  • Rephrase sentences and words to avoid duplication.
  • The paragraph rephrase tool will display text as 100% original.
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ImageSimilarity Check
ImageUpto 30,000 Words / search
Pro FeatureAI Content Detector
ImageNo Ads
Image5 different modes
ImageSpell Check
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How does the paraphrase tool free work?

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Upload Content

Paste the content or click the “upload” button to upload your file.
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Choose Mode & Language

Select the paraphrasing mode and language from the dropdown menus.
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Accept suggestions

Accept the suggestions as per your choice from the options provided by our free paraphrasing tool.
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Click Button

Click on the “Paraphrase Text” button to rephrase your content instantly.
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Key Features of Our Online Paraphraser Tool

The professional paraphrasing tool free offered on RewriteGuru is based on AI technology. It provides you with high-level functionality due to its advanced features. So how does this paraphrase tool stand out from other sentence rephrasers available in the market? Let’s delve into it!

Free Paraphrasing Tool by RewriteGuru

This online word rephraser will allow you to get your hands on plagiarism-free text without facing any hassle. Some of the top features of this AI paraphrase generator are as follows:

Convenient-Interface Convenient-Interface

Convenient Interface

Our online paraphrasing tool has a user-friendly interface that allows users to rephrase sentences without seeking anyone’s assistance. This sentence changer requires just a few clicks to rephrase paragraphs and articles.

Tab Image Tab Image

24/7 Accessibility

The users won’t have to face any restrictions with our free sentence rephraser tool. You can easily access this web-based paraphraser tool from your device at any time of the day.

Multi Languages Support Multi Languages Support

Multilingual Support

The usability of this online rephrasing tool isn’t limited to paraphrasing the sentences and words of English content only, as it supports other languages as well. You can use this online word rephraser for paraphrasing text in different languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.

Grammar check Grammar check

Grammar Checking

Many people have concerns with online sentence rephrasers that they leave grammatical mistakes while paraphrasing text. No more worries, you won’t face such a hassle on our AI paraphrase tool as it also allows you to check grammar and rectify the mistakes existing in your content. Moreover, you can also get the assistance of a free grammar checker for this purpose.

Image Image

Copyright Checking

Paraphrasing is of no use until it ensures the removal of duplication from your uploaded content. The copyright checker feature of this free rephrase tool gives you the freedom to check whether the paraphrased text matches your previous content or any other web content. RewriteGuru also offers a free AI content detector to find the percentage of AI content in your document.

Counter Image Counter Image

Built-in Word Counter

As a content writer or student, you might have faced the limitation on the number of words that must exist in the required content. The RewriteGuru’s paraphrasing tool free offers a built-in word counter that shows accurate results within no time.

Unlimited Unlimited

Unlimited Free Paraphrasing

As mentioned before, this paragraph rephrase tool hasn’t imposed any kind of restriction on its users to rephrase sentences. It can be used as many times as you desire. Moreover, there are no charges associated with its usage, no matter how many documents you rephrase paragraph with this paraphrase tool online.

Similarity Check Similarity Check

Similarity Check

The similarity check is an artificial intelligence-based feature, which is added to give the user a clear idea of which synonym is most suitable for replacing the original word. This similarity check function of our free rephrase tool compares each synonym separately with the original word and gives a relevancy percentage.

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Reasons To Use Sentence Rephraser Online

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Sentence Dictionary

The sentence rephraser mode of this advanced paraphrasing tool free enables newbies to create grammatically strong content like a pro! The capability of working like a professional writer makes sentence rephraser a perfect mode. In this mode, the uploaded text is scanned and rephrase paragraph with suitable replacements that uplift its readability and engagement. The final rephrase sentence generated by this AI mode will be enriched with a strong vocabulary that emphasizes the contextual meaning of the text.

Image Image

Semantic Rephrasing

The AI-based paragraph rephrase tool online modifies sentences with appropriate word replacements while keeping the text's actual meaning. You no longer need to bring structural changes to your content on your own. This online paraphrase tool free rephrases the sentence in a way that modifies the sentence structure besides altering the word choice to make the uploaded text look fresh and unique.

Image Image

Smarter Writing

This AI paraphrasing tool will rephrase sentence online and enhances clarity in the content which provides you with a new version of your text in different styles. Any unnecessary and irrelevant text will be discarded to make the content unambiguous. The rephrased text will undoubtedly be magnetic and hold the power to engage targeted readers. If you still want to change sentence, the online rewording tool can be a great option.

Image Image

Avoid Human Errors

Generate high-quality and flawless textual content with sentence rephraser online. The AI technology not only rephrases the sentence but also ensures the accuracy and preciseness of the text without neglecting a minor error that may go unnoticed by humans. With the help of the sentence rephrase mode of our advanced AI online paraphrasing tool, you can maintain your content quality and make it read-worthy.


The 4 R’s of Paraphrasing

Without knowing the actual meaning of any text you cannot rephrase it in your own words. Therefore, the first R of paraphrasing represents reading.

After completing the reading process you need to rephrase the sentences of the text in your own words. Restating is not about changing some terms with their synonyms. You can reframe sentences and explain the context with better vocabulary. An AI paragraph rewriter can also be a vital source for this task.

Your job isn’t completed after rephrasing the text, as rechecking is also a crucial aspect of paraphrasing sentences. It’s your job to figure out the left-out points because it’s crucial to cover all aspects while rephrasing any content.

Paraphrasing someone’s content will help you publish duplication-free content, but you should still give credit to the actual author. You must cite the source from where you have taken the idea to avoid any legal consequences.

Who Can Gain Benefit from Our Best Paraphrasing Tool?

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Sometimes, webmasters have to upload text urgently on the site, but they face difficulty with the unavailability of the writer. This situation can be tackled with the help of an online paraphrasing tool or article rewriter. The word rephrasers will help them generate new content from the already available text on any other source in a matter of seconds.

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The students have to prepare assignments daily, and it restricts them from focusing on preparing for quizzes and exams. The students can also generate their required text with the help of a sentence rephraser tool and save an ample amount of time.

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The lives of freelance writers are too hectic, as they have to take care of several projects simultaneously. This worry of freelancers can be resolved with the help of the paraphrase generator available at RewriteGuru. Using this paraphrase tool free, they can create engaging textual files from the already available files without getting detected by a plagiarism checker.

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As a researcher, you must conduct both primary and secondary research. You will have to create the analysis of primary research on your own. But for secondary research, you can take help from already published reports and make them go through a text paraphraser tool to create your analysis instantaneously.


How to Define Paraphrasing?

Many confuse paraphrasing with changing some words with their synonyms or rearranging the sentences’ structures. However, the actual meaning of paraphrasing is to express any information in your own words while maintaining the original meaning of the source text. The detailed origin and history of paraphrasing can be read on Wikipedia. However, here is a simple example of this methodology.

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What Users Say About Us

This amazing AI text paraphraser tool is a lifesaver for me. It's so easy to use this sentence changer without any hassle. Highly recommended!!
I've gone through many online paraphrasing tools but the quality that is provided by RewriteGuru’s paragraph paraphraser is unmatchable. The procedure is simple but they still respond immediately in case of any problem.
The best thing about this AI paraphrasing tool is that it provides multilingual paraphrasing, 5 different modes & grammar checker. What else can anyone need? The all-in-one rephrase solution for your issues.
I was initially skeptical about using an online paraphrasing tool, but I decided to try it. To my surprise, it exceeded my expectations. It's a fantastic paraphrase tool to enhance your writing.
As a content writer, I often need to paraphrase sentences to avoid plagiarism. The online paraphraser I found was a game-changer. It provides unique & well-structured content. It's now an essential tool in my writing job.

Free version does not support more than 200 words!

AI Rewriter
  • 1

    Uses NLP (Natual
    language Processing)
    for rewriting

  • 2

    Rewrites the content
    without changing
    its context

  • 3

    Maintain the relativity with
    the original one


In this blog, we will delve into the challenges you
might be suffering from as a freelance writer. Also,
we're going to offer solutions that can help you
overcome the issues arising in this field.

The challenges you might be suffering from as a
freelance writer are discussed in this blog post.
We will also offer solutions that can help you
overcome the issues arising in this field.
  • In Creative spin, 70 to 75% of words are replaced with their synonyms
  • A list of all possible synonyms will be provided for each word
  • Users can alter any word if it doesn’t seem suitable
  • Works exactly like Creative spin
  • The percentage of word swapping is maximum
  • It changes approximately 90% of the words
  • No word will be replaced automatically
  • Synonyms will be provided
  • The user will manually change each word
Sentence Rephraser
  • 1

    Select any sentence from your text.

  • 2

    Multiple options for a single sentence will be provided

  • 3

    Choose the best wording according to your choice

  • 4

    Read more about this mode.


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