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Detect the percentage of duplication existing in a piece of text with our free online plagiarism checker. The plagiarism detector provides you with 100% authentic results within a matter of instance. Just type, paste, or upload your text file and click the given button to initiate the plagiarism test.

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  • Deep search technology to scan each phrase
  • Cross-checks it with billions of textual documents
  • Excludes specific URL
  • Gives 100% accurate results
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  • An easy way to differentiate between
  • the original & plagiarized content.
  • Highlights both content with distinct colours.
  • Provides plagiarism report
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  • Can identifies grammar mistakes
  • Remove plagiarism through Rewriting
  • AI based article rewriter tool
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How to Check Plagiarism with RewriteGuru?

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Open the plagiarism software to commence the plagiarism check process.

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Upload Content

Type or copy-paste the text you wish to check in the given box.

Press Button

Press the Button

The final step is to press the Check Plagiarism button to commence the process.

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Plagiarism Test Completed

In a few seconds, the plagiarism scanner will generate and display the results on your screen. Download the plagiarism report.

How this Plagiarism Checker
Helps you and What are its Key Features?

This plagiarism checker tool assists the writers and website owners in various ways, which includes:

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined as the act of stealing another author’s ideas, thoughts, words, or expressions and publishing them under your own name. On a broader term, if you will use anything that is not your own creation, it will be considered plagiarized, and you can face legal consequences due to it. Most of the institutes regard plagiarism as academic dishonesty that is subject to severe consequences, such as grade failure penalties or expulsion from the institute. Even rewriting your own published works also comes under the category of plagiarism. Logically, plagiarism is not a crime in the books of law that needs to be punished in court. However, it is considered an ethical offense by academic institutes. Besides academics, plagiarism is a great nuisance for people working in the online world. The ranking of web pages on search engine result pages is highly reliant on the quality of content they contain. Search engines provide a higher rank to pages with unique content. On the other hand, the sites containing plagiarized text can face deindexing from search results. Therefore, it’s essential to get your hands on a useful companion, the online plagiarism checker, to detect and remove plagiarism before publishing your work.

What is Plagiarism
Billions of Web Pages

Scans Billions of Web Pages

Our free plagiarism detector has a huge database that helps you identify plagiarism from your text with full assurance of accurate results. The billions of web pages stored in its directory are scanned and matched with your entered text during the plagiarism test.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

People don’t trust online tools easily, especially the free ones. However, our free online plagiarism checker ensures its users the confidentiality of their entered text and documents. This platform cares about the integrity of its users’ work; therefore, its databases have been designed in such a way that the uploaded text is automatically removed once the plagiarism check is completed.

Report Downloading

Report Downloading

The plagiarism test report generated through our online plagiarism checker can be downloaded with a single click. You don’t have to be a premium user to use this feature. The reports are saved in PDF format on your device that you can easily access without downloading any software.

Highlight Sentences

Highlights Plagiarized Sentences

The plagiarized sentences identified by our plagiarism detector are highlighted to help users easily distinguish between original and duplicated content. As soon as the plagiarism check process is completed by this tool, sentence-wise results are displayed on users’ screens.

Removes Plagiarism

Removes Plagiarism

Our online tool provides you the assistance of removing plagiarism with its rewriting service. You can easily get rid of this nuisance with the help of our advanced article rewriter utility. There’s no need to rely on manual paraphrasing, as our tool helps you rewrite without investing time and effort.

Grammatical Check

Grammatical Corrections

Besides providing plagiarism scanner and rewriting service, you can also gain benefits from its grammar check feature. On this platform, you can proofread your text and eradicate the existing grammatical mistakes without any hassle.

Save Files

File Saving

You can save the plagiarism test report on the dashboard of RewriteGuru. If you don’t want to download the final report on your device, then you can opt to store it within your account on our online platform.

Free and Quick

Free & Quick Search

The speed of generating results is commendable for our plagiarism detector online utility. You can get your hands on an accurate outcome within a matter of seconds. No matter how many times you wish to use our free online plagiarism checker, we won’t demand a single penny.

In Which Ways Plagiarism Can Affect Us?

Plagiarism can result in raising suspicions on plagiarists, which leads them to face several hurdles in their respective careers. Duplication greatly impacts your credibility, and the stain of being a plagiarist might stay with you for a long time. Let’s look into the harmful effects of plagiarism that make the use of plagiarism detector inevitable for everyone.

As a person, the tag of plagiarist can make your life quite strenuous. When you are hunting for jobs, plagiarism can blow away many opportunities from your realm. If you’ve been charged with a fee due to committing this offense, you’ll have to take loans or use your personal wealth to pay for it. Committing plagiarism will always keep you from finding shortcuts, and this habit can create several issues for a person in practical life. It would be better to get an average outcome with your own hard work instead of using others’ work and facing embarrassment.

In the professional world, you’ll have to face immense competition as a writer. Originality is the key element that every writer needs to ensure in their content. In case plagiarism has been detected from your work, you can face severe consequences. In the worst-case scenario, you can get fired from the job due to duplication. Besides losing the job, you will also lose respect among the fellow writers. Your worth will be affected in the writers’ community, and you can find it hard to get a new job.

The copyright laws can drag you into legal trouble due to plagiarism. If some author has found that you’ve plagiarized their work, they can sue you without a second thought. You can even face a prison sentence if the type of plagiarism you have committed is considered a criminal offense. If you don’t wish to be pulled into court, then it’s crucial to get your hands on a trustable plagiarism checker. It will help you eradicate plagiarism and keep you away from legal issues.

A student needs to focus on creating research papers and other assignments on their own. But many students rely on already published data and end up with plagiarized work. Academic institutes consider plagiarism as academic dishonesty, and it results in various consequences. A student can fail in a particular subject or may have to repeat the entire semester. At worst, you can face expulsion from the university or college due to plagiarism.

What Are the Possible Ways to Avoid Plagiarism?

If you have researched about the topic you’re willing to write from scratch, you won’t have to rely on other blogs and articles. When we take the assistance of other sources in between writing, the chances of duplication are extremely high. By doing research from scratch, you can easily avoid the hassle of plagiarism. In-depth research will clear your understanding of the topic. Through this way, you will be able to generate unique ideas and write plagiarism-free content.

The usage of quotations is an easy way to avoid plagiarism. If you’re giving proper credits to the source from where you have taken words or ideas, then it will save you from the negative effects of plagiarism. Using quotation marks around the words that don’t belong to you is a way that can help readers interpret that this portion of text doesn’t belong to you. In this way, you won’t be committing any crime, and no one would be able to raise fingers on your credibility.

In case of unintentional plagiarism, you won’t have an idea that your text contains any plagiarized data or not. To stay on the safer side, you can use the copyright checker to run a plagiarism test and identify instances of duplication. This tool is the fastest medium through which you can identify whether plagiarism is existing in your content or not. This plagiarism scanner will provide you with the details of the sources from where your entered text is matching. By finding this out, you can remove such sentences or phrases that have been already used by other writers.

Another smart way to avoid plagiarism is by using our rewriting tool. Just like our copyright checker, this tool will also take only a few seconds to provide you with exceptional results. Our rewriting service allows you to get your hands on a new version of your uploaded text that doesn’t contain any traces of plagiarism. Our rewriting tool helps you rewrite the text as per its context. You can also use the suggestions provided by this tool to make your content more meaningful and engaging.

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