Plagiarism side effects
20 Dec 2021
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How Plagiarism Can Hurt Websites and What Is the Solution?

Copying content from other online platforms isn’t an ethical act. The digital era we live in has given everyone easy access to online utilities that can help them get the information they require. Moreover, this immense upgradation of tech has misguided many people that they can copy any information from the web and present it as their own work. These copycats are misled by the fact that no one can find their corruption. However, the reality is completely inverse, as the modern facilities can find duplication in writing and provide you with the source of copied text in a few instances.

Plagiarism is an outbreak that has spread to all sectors of life. Whether it’s academics or the business field, spammers duplicate the work of others and share it as their own creation. Unfortunately, this unethical and illegal activity has hit the web world disastrously. In recent times, plagiarism has become more related to website content and blogs because of extreme competition on the web.

Many bloggers, freelance writers, or even website managers don’t hesitate to copy the content from other sites and use it in their work just to fulfill the word count requirement without giving due credit to the actual writer. However, one thing that spammers must understand is the consequences they may have to face due to plagiarism. Sometimes, plagiarism occurs even if the writer doesn’t have an intention to do so. However, the results of unintentional plagiarism are still the same as any other type, and you may have to go through unpleasant situations like deindexing the site or fall to the bottom of SERP.

In this blog post, we want you guys to know how plagiarism can hurt your website and its solution. So, without any further explanation, let’s dive into it.

Harmful Effects of Plagiarism on Your Site

Duplication in the content can lead the site’s SEO towards downfall, and you can face the following penalties.

Reduction in backlinks

The plagiarism in content, if found on a website, can ruin its fame in no time. The image of the website in the web world will be damaged absurdly.  The sites offering your website backlinks may remove their linkage to save themselves from facing any unpleasant circumstances. The removal of high-quality backlinks will hurt your site’s SEO, and it may experience a massive downfall in search engine results pages. It would be strenuous for you to manage all these harmful effects caused due to plagiarized content.

Deindexing from Search Engines

The duplicated content hurts your site in different ways; deindexing from search engines is one of them. Due to deindexing, your site won’t receive organic traffic from search engines even if your site was positioned on the top of SERP. The issue will further lead your site to face a massive reduction in total traffic.

Loss of Loyal Visitors

The most challenging thing in the web world is earning loyal visitors. People get associated with the platform they find attractive and unique content. They prefer visiting the same site instead of moving for other options over the web. However, if they find any duplicated content on the site, all your efforts will go into dust, and you will lose some extremely loyal visitors. I guess no SEO specialist or web owner would prefer this to happen. Isn’t it so?? 

How to Prevent Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a serious offense that can ruin one’s career, defame a website instantaneously. Therefore, it is essential for webmasters to ensure their site is free from all sorts of plagiarism to prevent any problematic situation. The following tips will help you avoid duplication in writing easily.

Proofread Content Comprehensively

Freelance writers often emphasize fulfilling word count demand instead of focusing on creating an inspiring and unique article. It’s not mandatory that all freelancers follow the same approach, but there are a few who are always in search of shortcuts. Therefore, as a web manager, it is unavoidable for you to go through the content delivered by freelancers adequately. Proofreading the article will help you to check its quality; also, you can easily find out if the content is duplicated from another source. The change of grammar tone in a specific portion of the article or weird formatting will lead you to understand that the text is taken from other sites. Analyzing the text before posting it online will help you avoid charges of committing plagiarism.

Use of RewriteGuru

The traditional method of proofreading all the content yourself requires an ample amount of time. Moreover, a complete dedication towards the process is essential to get the desired results. Instead, you can move on to an easier yet reliable way of grabbing and removing duplication in writing. You can find tons of online plagiarism checkers over the web that offer their assistance in finding plagiarism in writing without asking for any premium membership. You can explore the web and pick a duplication finder that can provide you with reliable and fast plagiarism check results. The Plagiarism checker at RewriteGuru will trace out any piracy in writing within a flash of moments. Not only this, the paraphrasing tool can make all the text 100% unique in a single click and you don’t need to make any manual effort for it.

Bottom Line

Piracy in the content in any form can hurt your website and destroy its fame in no time. All your SEO efforts will go in vain if your site is found to have duplicated content. You may have to face legal consequences due to plagiarism. Moreover, your site may have to bear the penalties from a search engine like the ones discussed above. Therefore, it is vital to take all the measures that can assist you in avoiding plagiarism. The help of a plagiarism checker will offer you a chance to detect plagiarism in writing quickly and enable you to prevent unwanted situations.