content transformation tips
07 Apr 2023
6 Mins to Read
Zara Ghafoor

7 Amazing Tips to Transform Your Content

Do you often not get satisfied with the content you create? It’s a great sign. It indicates that you are going to explore more ways to improve the content and succeed in this competitive world.

However, improving or transforming content is a bit difficult for many people. They want to breathe a new life into their content but don’t know how to do it. If you think you are one of them, this article is written for you.

Here we mention the best, hand-picked, and most practical tips to transform your content today. It will help you become an incredible wordsmith.

So, let’s get started without any delay!

Improve the Headings/Titles

The process of transforming content, whether a blog, marketing copy, or academic assignment, always starts with improving the content title. Usually, many writers just write the titles they get online without modifying them according to their readers/audience and analyzing their content needs. This practice makes the content more boring and less relevant.

Therefore, you should always start by improving the titles. In case the title is excellent, you don’t need to make any modifications to it. However, if it has room for improvement, refine it. Refining your title will definitely make a significant impact on its reach. Whether the audience like the body of the content or not, they will at least click on the link to read it.

Let’s look at some ways to improve your titles;

  • Optimize the titles for search engines by modifying their length
  • Add your keyword to the title to attract users
  • Add a power word to the title to enhance readers’ curiosity
  • Hit the readers’ pain points

Transform the Content Structure

After refining the title, the most important thing is improving the content structure. The content structure has the ability to transform great articles into ordinary and boring or awful content into good ones. It happens because most of the time, people don’t read full articles. Instead, their eyes scan the content and look for the specific information they need. The moment they get that information, they close the content.

After analyzing people’s behavior toward the content, it can be said that sometimes content structure is more significant than the overall content. So, you must transform the content structure to provide a better user experience and gratify more users’ needs. When your content structure is altered, readers will spend more time on your content and appreciate your efforts.

Have a look at the techniques to embellish the content structure;

  • Add headings and subheadings to your content
  • Include more visuals in your content to make it more attractive
  • Write bullet points to bring more clarity to the text
  • Write short and to-the-point paragraphs
  • Add a table to content to indicate to readers what they will read in the article
  • Include some quotes as well
  • Bold the important data

Bring Uniqueness

No matter what kind of content you are creating or recreating, uniqueness is always a must-have quality. If your content has all the other attributes but isn’t unique, it will be of no use. Neither search engines nor readers like plagiarized and copied content. So, if your content has some instances of plagiarism, remove them in the recreation or transformation process. Otherwise, it won’t be able to provide any benefits to you.

However, if you don’t know whether it is unique or not, upload the overall text to a plagiarism checker. It will scan the text and guide you about the uniqueness of your content. It will highlight or color the plagiarized instances and also provide the links to the matched sources. Moreover, it will also tell you about the percentage of plagiarism. 

Here are some tips to bring uniqueness to the content;

  • Write the whole content yourself
  • Develop your own content creation style
  • Thoroughly research your topics before starting to writing
  • If you copy content from somewhere else, cite the original sources
  • Use the paraphrasing method to make your content unique and exclusive

Make the Content More Informative

Some pieces of content don’t work because they are less informative and offer no value to readers. That’s why readers don’t stay for longer on those pieces of content and close the tabs. When competing with thousands of writers, you need to put more effort into content creation and make your text more informative than others. The more high-quality content you create, the better it is for you.

Remember Google’s EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) rule? It applies everywhere. And you can only follow the law by writing more comprehensive and informative content. When your content is informative, you will be able to attract more readers, build an excellent reputation and ultimately achieve your goals. So, don’t ever compromise on information, no matter whether you have some time for it or not.

Following are the ways to make your content more informative;

  • Research your topic
  • Get data from only reliable and authentic sources
  • Study different reports and include data from them
  • Read books, journals, and research papers to enhance your relevant knowledge

Elevate the Overall Tone 

Sometimes the tone of the content is the biggest issue with it. When you do not select the right tone for content, you ruin its beauty. That’s why whenever you are going to transform content, you must analyze its overall tone and find out whether it resonates with the audience or not. 

By elevating the content tone, you will be able to educate your readers and entertain them at the same time. Moreover, it also helps you build the reputation you want. And lastly, when you improve your content tone, you make it more engaging and captivating. That’s how you can encourage readers to complete reading your articles.

Let’s look at the best ways to elevate the content tone;

  • Use positive language instead of focusing on negativity
  • Prefer using active voice sentences that make content more direct
  • Mix up the content with different types of sentences, from long to short
  • Use more descriptive language to create a picture in readers’ mind

Leverage Technology for Content Rewriting

If you are facing different challenges while rewriting or transforming content, call technology for help. In this digital world, if you are not getting assistance from technology, you are making a mistake. Many online tools and programs have been developed to help you transform your content. For example, you have more sophisticated article spinners these days. These tools can automatically rewrite the content, make it much better than ever.

An advanced article spinner or paraphrasing tool can provide a lot of benefits. For example, it can remove plagiarism, buff up the content language, elevate tone, use more relevant vocabulary, and make content more engaging. So, when you have great article rewriting or content transformation tools at your side, utilize them and make your work easier and quicker. 

Here are some tips for using technology for content transformation;

  • Find an article rewriting using advanced algorithms
  • Upload the content and paraphrase it online
  • Give the right prompts or commands to get better-quality content
  • Always proofread content before publishing it

Use Relevant Vocabulary

The words or terminologies you use always matter a lot in content creation. They set the tone of the content and leave an impression on readers. These are your words that help readers decide whether the content is well-written or not. To make the content more effective, you should wisely choose your vocabulary. It must be understandable for your readers. Use easy-to-understand words if your readers are a general audience with no subject knowledge. On the other hand, if the readers are subject-specialists, choose more direct and technical words to describe anything. It can help you make the content more compelling. 

Let’s have a look at the tips to select the correct vocabulary;

  • Understand the intellectual level of your readers
  • Try to add less technical terms when writing for a broader audience
  • Use more technical words when writing for knowledgeable people
  • Spend more time on reading as it helps vocabulary development and understanding language selection

To Conclude

Content transformation is sometimes complicated; if you know the right tips and tricks, you can convert it into a fun activity. This article has mentioned the best tips to help you transform your content. Utilize them, and you will definitely feel a difference in your content and achieve your goals.