Chat GPT Pros & cons
09 Mar 2023
6 Mins to Read
Zara Ghafoor

Chat GPT: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using it

Chat GPT! The word you hear everywhere. It is a buzzword these days in the IT world. People are curious about it as it has the potential to revolutionize the digital world in many ways. 

From digital marketers to web developers, and writers, everyone is the beneficiary of this incredible tool. Moreover, it can also assist SMEs as it can quickly generate business documents, including employee contracts, business proposals, financial documents, emails, etc. It is also helpful for students as they can use it to make their assignments error-free.

However, where Chat GPT provides many benefits, it can also harm people in many ways. For example, it can provide factually incorrect data, damage academic integrity, and also pose threats to people’s jobs.

This blog will enlighten you about the advantages and disadvantages of Chat GPT. It will help you learn how and how not to use this tool. Let’s start with the advantages!

Advantages of Using Chat GPT

There is no doubt in the fact that Chat GPT deserves all the hype that it has got, as it provides a lot of benefits to users. Check out some advantages of using this incredible AI tool:

  • Time-Saving

The most significant benefit of Chat GPT is that it automates various tasks and helps users quickly get the data they need. For example, if you are a web developer you may have to write hundreds of lines of code to create a website. Writing that code manually may consume much time but if you do the same task on Chat GPT, you can save a lot of your time as it can quickly write the code. Once you get it, you can modify it according to your needs.

Similarly, it can also help writers create extraordinary content of any kind. Whether you want to write business documents, marketing copy, ads script, or a fictional story, Chat GPT can write it within a few seconds. For that, you only need to provide only a few prompts. The same is the case with SEO experts, marketing, and HR managers; they can save their time with this tool.

  • Cost-Effective

Apart from saving time, it can save users money. The GPT-3 language tools that were available before were costly, and not everyone could afford them. This tool is much better than its competitors as it can automate more tasks, has excellent speed, provides more accurate data, and, most importantly, is free to use.

Moreover, it saves companies’ resources, as when most of the work is automated, the resources can be allocated to managing other business operations. Besides, increasing productivity, it can also provide an incredible ROI. That’s why this AI tool is considered the best when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

  • Great for Learning

Chat GPT is one of the best tools for learning. Chat GPT can help to hone your skills. For instance, if you are or want to become a fiction writer, you can learn a lot about fiction writing using Chat GPT. 

For that, provide a story or paragraph you have written in your words, and ask it to rewrite using the style of any of your favorite writers. Chat GPT will do it within a few seconds. Analyze its response, and compare it with your text. You will learn many things, including new words, terminologies, and ways to write a story. 

Similarly, using this tool, you can also understand many complicated phenomena. For instance, if you are reading a book filled with jargon, you can write it in Chat GPT and ask it to rewrite in easy-to-understand language.

  • Improve Content Quality

Content creators can also use Chat GPT to improve their content quality. Many writers who lack some qualities can perfectly utilize this tool to make their content more impressive and profitable. From finding contextual and grammatical errors, this tool can also improve the overall language of the content.

If you have written content in an ordinary language, you can ask it to improve its language, add expressions, or make it more engaging. It will quickly do it for you. That’s why content creators are in love with this tool and frequently use it to improve the overall quality of their content.

  • Provide Specific Data

Unlike its expensive competitors, Chat GPT provides specific data that users want. It doesn’t provide unnecessary information to users. Instead, it focuses on the users’ queries and provides the data they need. For example, if you ask for a detailed article on digital marketing, it will only focus on this sort of marketing, not the traditional one.

On the other hand, when you use its competitors, they provide a lot of extra details that users don’t need. And sometimes they don’t even provide the relevant information. So that’s another reason behind the success of this AI tool for content creation. 

Disadvantages of Using Chat GPT

No matter how great this tool is, it still has many disadvantages. And here they are:

  • Ethical Issues

The biggest disadvantage of Chat GPT is that it has created many ethical issues. Using this tool, many content creators generate a lot of content regularly without putting any effort into research. They just put the topic in Chat GPT and ask it to create articles. Once they get the data, they publish it without changing it. That’s how they deceive their readers.

Furthermore, it has harmed academic integrity. As now students can quickly write assignments using this tool, they don’t learn anything in their courses. And most importantly, they present that all the assignments are written by themselves.

  • Promote Cheating

Many universities call this tool CheatGPT as it promotes cheating. Now the students don’t copy others’ data and make a few modifications to present them as their own. Instead, they just go to the Chat GPT, put in instructions, and create assignments without researching or reading anything.

Many universities have caught their students utilizing this tool during assignment creation. Now they are working on stopping the use of Chat GPT for academic assignments or work. 

  • Doesn’t Satisfy Search Intent

GPT content usually doesn’t satisfy search intent. This tool is developed to answer users’ queries or provide them with the data they want, not to meet users’ search intent. It doesn’t know your targeted audience, their interests, demographics, etc. It only reads your queries and acts as you ask it to. That’s why no matter how good content you develop with this tool, you won’t be able to fulfill users’ needs with GPT content.

Those who are relying on GPT content are only wasting their time. They should avoid using it for whole content creation. Although they can use it to improve the content, they should avoid using it for writing the whole article.

  • Factual Inaccuracies

Factual inaccuracies are another disadvantage of this tool. It has very limited knowledge of the recent developments in every field. That’s why you should avoid creating all the content with this tool. Otherwise, you may make some blunders, and your readers will quickly realize that you rely on AI, not research or knowledge.

Due to factual inaccuracies, you may also lose the credibility that you have built throughout your career. That’s why it is suggested not to use Chat GPT or any similar AI content creator for writing.

  • GPT Plagiarism

GPT Plagiarism is another major issue with this tool. In order to stop people from relying on GPT content, many companies have built GPT plagiarism checker tools that analyze the content and find out which sentences are generated by Chat GPT or any other GPT tool. Although their accuracy rate is low, they are still reliable.

To avoid this issue, you can use an article rewriter to rephrase the content and remove GPT plagiarism. These tools make some major changes in the text and make the content look like it was written by humans.

Final Words

Chat GPT is an excellent tool for time and cost saving, writing quality content, generating codes, and improving skill sets. However, totally relying on it can create many problems that can ultimately damage a person’s credibility. That’s why it is better to use it wisely and not cheat others.