How to create vivid description
07 Jun 2023
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Zara Ghafoor

How to Create Evocative and Vivid Descriptions?

During article reading have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel transported to another world, where every scene unfolds a new scene as you proceed? This is the power of vivid and evocative descriptions.

In this blog, we will guide you in mastering the art of creating vivid descriptions by sharing tips. So let’s get started without any further delay!

Understanding the Purpose of Creating Clear Descriptions

Descriptions are the essential form of content when it comes to marketing your products or services over the web. Whether you’re running an e-commerce website that sells products or a SaaS platform that offers a digital service, you need to create clear descriptions for whatever you’re selling. 

When writing a description, you need to aim on converting the potential leads attracted to your website. It can only become possible by creating vivid descriptions.

Now that you have understood the purpose behind creating clear descriptions, let’s dive into the actionable expert tips for writing them.

Tips for Writing Vivid Descriptions

The following tips can help you write vivid and evocative descriptions. Go through them in detail to figure out how you can execute this task efficiently.

Avoid Duplication

The existence of duplicated content in your description is a disaster that you need to stay away from. Originality is a major element of an evocative description that a marketer should ensure while writing it. Even if you’re writing a description for a product that’s already sold under different brand names, you still have to make sure that there is no trace of plagiarism. It’s because when a customer explores different options, they prefer originals instead of copycats. If you wish to track whether your writers are not replicating others’ ideas, you can simply check the descriptions they submit through a plagiarism checker. This tool conducts an in-depth analysis of your entered text to detect the existence of duplication.

Play with Words Smartly

Wordplay has an important role in creating vivid descriptions. Many people face confusion in finding the right words, and they end up making repetitions or using jargon. Whether you use the same word repeatedly in your description or come up with technical terminologies, you won’t get positive results in both cases. It’s because both of them brush away clarity from your description and make your writing sound boring and arduous. Hence, you need to be careful while selecting words to use in your descriptions. A paraphrasing tool is a great option for marketers who are facing difficulty in executing this task. This facility consists of a built-in database of synonyms; it uses them to paraphrase and make different variations of an existing text while maintaining its context.

Use Active Voice

The first rule for writing vivid descriptions is to use active voice instead of passive voice. It’s because an active voice brings more clarity to your writing and makes it easier for the readers to understand what’s being conveyed. The usage of passive voice unnecessarily extends the length of sentences, which brings complexity to the audience. 

When creating descriptions in active voice, you’ll be able to see the difference by yourself, as it involves the subject performing action.

Add Sensual Info

When exploring descriptions, you’ll come across two types of writing: vivid and dull. Suppose that you need to buy a product that is available from two different sources. While being identical and not having even the slightest difference, you’ll opt to buy it from a source that has given a vivid description of it. By putting yourself into the shoes of customers, you can get an idea of why you need to come up with evocative descriptions. 

By utilizing the power of words in the right manner, you can add sensual details to your descriptions that make the audience eager to experience your product or service in actuality.

Incorporate Relevant Literary Devices

Literary devices consist of several strategies, styles, and elements that aid content creators in enhancing their writing. While writing descriptions, you need to discuss the ideas that the targeted audience can resonate with. By incorporating literary devices in your descriptions, you can improve their quality and keep the readers engaged with your idea until making a conversion. 

However, it’s extremely important to stay relevant while using these poetic devices. Moreover, you also need to cautiously amend the words to create their rhythm with your text and keep things going in a flow for the readers.

Putting it Together

In the last analysis, creating vivid and evocative descriptions isn’t an unachievable task. You can simply follow the aforementioned tips to write descriptions for your products and services. By ensuring vividness in your writing, you can stand out from the competition and increase your chances of turning visitors into customers.