5 tools for content writing
25 Jan 2023
5 Mins to Read
Zara Ghafoor

5 Essential and Helpful Tools for Writers

Writing content is not an easy task; it requires effort, research, strong grip on grammar, the art of molding words the way your audience wants, and above all, articulation of unique yet valuable content. While creating content that fulfills all the requirements of the targeted audience requires creativity, research, time, and effort, you also need to use a few tools. 

In this blog, we will discuss a few highly helpful tools for the writer that will not only help them make their content impeccable but also improve their writing. If you want to know more about these tools, then read this blog until the very end. Further details are given below. 

Plagiarism Checking Tool

Plagiarism, be it accidental or intentional, is a factor that can entirely destroy the reputation of any writer. As a writer, you would never want to bet your reputation on something that will snatch your readers away. Gone are the days when writers were able to escape with plagiarized content. Nowadays, people have a keen eye for duplicate content because they won’t rely on your content to consume information about a particular topic. 

Instead of manual checking you can use an advanced plagiarism checking tool for this purpose. A reliable plagiarism tool will help you view the entire content in a document view with distinct colors to identify unique and duplicate phrases. Furthermore, it will help you to check all the live content available on the internet by providing you with the URL of a particular source. A helpful plagiarism checker would allow you to check plagiarism in non-English content. With access to billions of online content sources, you can figure out even the slightest duplication in your content and take necessary actions to eradicate it. Moreover, you will be able to download plagiarism reports as well. 

Paraphrasing Tool

Nowadays, it is not an uphill task to come up with quality rewritten content without the slightest duplication. All you have to do is use an advanced AI-based paraphrasing tool to rewrite the content. Such a tool will take the help of AI to scan the entire content and understand its meaning. You can use a variety of rephrasing modes offered by the tool to rewrite it without changing its meaning. 

A reliable paraphrasing tool will provide support for multiple languages. It will also check grammar issues to provide you with a rewritten copy with impeccable grammar. The tool will also offer you the option of a copyright check to ensure that the rewritten copy is free of plagiarism. Additionally, the integration of AI in it’s algorithm can help you to check the similarity between particular words and their synonyms to ensure that synonyms used in the content are contextually meaningful. 

Summarizing Tool

As a writer, you would know that people who come to read your content don’t often read the entire content. Sometimes they shortly scan the content while focusing more on a few elements of the entire content. These elements are the Title, intro, headings, and summary or conclusion. If you want your audience to read the entire content, it is essential to make sure that the intro and summary of your content are highly engaging. However, it is often observed that writers who write the entire content skillfully face difficulties while writing its summary.

If you are one of them or feel like you can’t do justice with the summary of your written content, then there is no need to worry. You simply have to use an online summarizing tool for this purpose. An efficient summarizing tool will take the help of AI to understand the meaning of your content, spot significant words used in it, and determine the writing intent to create a perfect summary for content. Such a summary will not only make your content more valuable but also appease the targeted audience.


While creativity and impeccable grip on grammar are the keys to gaining success in the field of writing, there is another indispensable factor that is hard to overlook. This factor is extensive vocabulary. If you want to create engaging content, you must avoid frequent repetition of particular words. Otherwise, your content will fail to appease the audience, and your reader will end up leaving your content midway to read someone else’s write-up. 

Thesarus.com is the tool you need for this purpose. If you want to explore new words every single day, take the help of this platform. Moreover, if you are looking to assess your vocabulary, this website will help you do that. You will also learn new words from this website. Furthermore, it makes learning new words fun by providing users with games that involve playing with words. Hence, if you want to enhance your vocabulary and become a skillful writer who knows his trade well, this website can help you make it possible. 


Being a writer requires you to stay up-to-date about the insights regarding your niche. You may get to hear or read a great insight about the topic you are writing on. However, you can’t always remember things when you need them. Therefore, taking notes and getting help from them while writing content is necessary. Evernote is one such solution. It is an app that lets you take notes and access them from multiple devices. 

This app is available for smartphone and desktop devices. Hence, you can access it from any device and use the notes you have made through Evernote. Another challenge faced by the writer is procrastination. They tend to delay their work until the due date is just around the corner. Writing quality content under such circumstances is nearly impossible. However, Evernote has a solution to deal with writer’s procrastination as well. It allows you to schedule your timeline and track deadlines to keep you ready for the work.

Putting it Together

Writing quality content is a laborious job. You must bring A-level creativity and story-telling ability to appease your required audience. While there are some tasks that you need to do by yourself, technology allows you to pass on a few tasks to various efficient tools. These tools can help you figure out duplication, eradicate plagiarism, summarize your writing, enhance vocabulary, and take notes whenever and wherever you want, respectively. We have put together details about such tools above and elaborated on the reasons behind the requirement to use these tools. Hopefully, you will find this blog helpful and make use of the above-mentioned tools to ensure quality content. We wish you luck with the writing job!