Best modes of writing
07 Jul 2021
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Best Rewriting Modes: Smart, Ultra, or Manual

Have you ever experienced a situation where you were supposed to submit content, but you couldn’t submit it on time because it was quite lengthy and the given time was limited? I guess most of us have gone through this situation at least once in our lives. Writing is one of the most underrated jobs, and many individuals have this conception that anyone who has some grip on English grammar can become a writer, but the reality is completely opposite to it. Strong knowledge about the topic, good research skills, and a firm hold on sentence creation are essential to write great content. Adequate time is also a key factor that is inevitable for crafting an inspiring article.

However, many real-time situations don’t provide you with enough time, and you have to submit content in a short span. People from academics will relate to this problem. Moreover, maintaining the quality of the article is also a big challenge in such situations.

Fortunately, now we have some advanced utilities like paraphrasing tools that can rewrite content within a flash of an eye. The best part of using these online article rewriter tools is that the content provided by them will be free from plagiarism. Also, the quality of the content won’t be compromised at all. In this way, you can save yourself from all the hassles and will be able to submit the content timely. But, one thing that needs your attention is the reliability of the article rewriter facility. There are a plethora of online facilities available, but many of them can’t give you the results you are hoping for. Therefore, you must analyze the working of various online paraphrasing tools before settling for a single one.

Rewrite Guru – A Prodigious Online Facility

The excessiveness of online paraphrasing tools makes it challenging for an individual to determine which utility would be best for him. But, you don’t need to get nervous anymore, as we have got you covered. is a web portal that offers a free paraphrasing tool to all its users. Not only this, this only facility has free plagiarism checker and grammar checker utilities that assist a person in creating unique and excellent content in no time. There are three main writing modes that you can get on this online facility. We are going to elaborate on each of them one by one.

Smart Mode

This mode is suitable for people associated with the journalism and reporting field. You might have an idea that a single piece of news is reported on various channels simultaneously. So, you cannot change the core essence of news. For that reason, there’s no need to alter the entire passage or phrase. You only have to avoid duplication to stay on the safe side. Therefore, the smart mode will assist you from not getting penalized, and the meaning of the news will also remain intact.

Ultra Mode

If you are a blogger or a content writer, you must know the significance of unique content and the penalties you may have to face due to plagiarized content. So, if you need to upload content on the web, make sure that it doesn’t include any duplication in writing. The ultra-mode is mainly for individuals who can’t afford a significant portion of similarity in the content. The ultra-mode of this rewriting facility will automatically change the content structure without affecting the quality or original meaning of the content. You just need to upload the content on the facility, select the ultra-mode option, press the button, and that’s all. You will get fresh and unique content free from any sort of plagiarism in a few seconds.

Manual Mode

The research field is mainly focused on uniqueness, and the researchers who are found guilty of using others’ work will have to face serious situations that can destroy their careers right away. For such people, the manual mode of is the ideal one. You will get suggestions against prominent words of the passage you uploaded on the tool in this mode. When you click on the word, you will get a list of synonyms, and it is up to you to pick the one that you think suits according to the context. This mode is majorly for those people who can’t bear any minor piracy in their work and want to be completely sure about the uniqueness of the content.

At Last

Writing lengthy content needs extensive time and effort, which sometimes becomes impossible for an individual to invest. The utilization of advanced online paraphrasing facilities like will be beneficial in getting plagiarism-free content without writing a single word. The different modes of this utility will fulfill the needs of people from different fields and give them the desired results quickly.