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30 Jun 2021
3 Mins to Read

RewriteGuru: An Exclusive & Amazing Tool to Work With

Intro of Rewrite Guru

Rewriteguru.com is an ultimate solution for all the problems related to creating content. Whether you are looking for a plagiarism checker or article rewriter, rewriteguru.com offers these services free of cost. This online facility also provides you with an advanced grammar checker tool that helps you create inspiring content.

Article Rewriter

Writing is a laborious task that requires an extensive amount of time and deep research. Investing all your efforts on writing becomes difficult when you have other priorities, and the situation becomes worse if you have to submit the content within a short time. The best approach to overcome this problem is by using the article rewriter available on rewriteguru.com. You need to paste content on this tool and select the desired mode. A fresh and unique content will be available in no time that can be used without any restriction. The content generated with this article rewriter is free from any kind of plagiarism.

Rewriting Desktop App

Many people face problems in performing their tasks due to the unavailability or low speed of internet connections. But, you don’t need to bother with this problem anymore, as rewriteguru.com is offering its own desktop application. You can download and install this application on your device and rewrite content, find plagiarism, or analyze grammar mistakes in your article with a few taps.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is an unethical and awful act that is considered a crime against the writing norms. The availability of modern tools and ease in getting access to the web has made it simple and straightforward for an individual to copy any text from the web and use it as their own work. Therefore, it becomes inevitable for you to save your confidential content from these copycats. The plagiarism checker utility available on rewriteguru.com will be a great assistance for you in finding duplication in content. The tool also helps you in locating the sources that contain your content within a matter of a few seconds.

Grammar Checker

Writing in a second language isn’t an easy chore. When it comes to creating high-quality content in the English language, non-native writers face severe issues. Grammatical errors are one of the biggest problems most writers face while writing in English. If you are also looking for a utility that allows you to find the grammatical errors in your article, then you should give a try to the facility available on rewriteguru.com. This online utility scans your content comprehensively and points out the spelling and grammatical mistakes within a flash of an eye.


  • Are There Any Charges to Use Rewriteguru?

 Obviously no! There are no charges for using any utility on Rewriteguru. You can utilize the tools available on this platform without paying a single penny.

  • How Many Words Can Be Entered in One Iteration?

This online facility allows you to enter 1500 words in a single go to check for plagiarism check, grammar check, etc.

  • I have a question that is not discussed here?

In case your query is not discussed in the FAQ section, then feel free to send us an email by visiting the contact us page.

  • How Many Languages Are Supported?

Besides English, this online facility supports Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  • Which Formats Are Supported for Uploading?

This online utility allows you to upload Word, PDF, or Text files directly without any hassle.

  • Can I Alter the Rewritten Text?

Yes! You can make changes in the rewritten text created by logging into your account on this platform.

  • What Extra Features Would I Get After Login?

After log in to the site, you can modify your drafts and save them online easily.