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11 Oct 2023
5 Mins to Read
Zara Ghafoor

How to Make Money as a Writer?

Many people believe that if they have a good grip on language and vocabulary, they can easily become a writer. But being a wordsmith isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Writing is more than just jotting down words on a piece of paper. It is something entirely different from what we used to do in school while writing essays.

If you are a storyteller and you know the art of playing with words, then there is good news you might be unaware of. There are several ways you can utilize your writing skills to make money. From finding part-time pocket money-making opportunities to establishing a full-time career, writing can pay you off in multiple ways.

So, the question is still, how to make money as a writer? In this blog, we will be discussing 4 different ways you can utilize to make money as a writer. Let’s dive in and start this discussion without any further delay!

4 Ways to Make Money as a Writer

Become a Freelance Content Writer

Becoming a freelance content writer can be an easy take for writers to make money. However, the rising competition in the freelance industry might create difficulties for newbies to step in and start earning. To establish yourself as a successful freelance content writer, the first thing you need is a strong portfolio. When applying for freelance writing jobs, the only thing a client may ask you to show will be your portfolio.

As the competition in this market is fierce, you can entice clients by offering them a free sample task or a discount offer. On major freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, if you manage to make your worth and your profile starts obtaining good reviews, then nothing will be able to stop you from becoming a successful freelance writer and making good money. 

However, while working as a freelance content writer, you need to make sure that whatever content you deliver is 100% original. If your text contains any sort of plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, your client may face dissatisfaction and end up leaving a bad review. So, in order to keep yourself away from such a nuisance, you can use a plagiarism checker. This tool allows you to identify instances of duplication and get rid of them before delivering any content to your clients.

 Start a Blog

Creating a blog website is another way to make money as a writer. The best thing about starting a blog is that you can follow your passion and favorite niche without being answerable to anyone. While writing content for others in an in-house job or as a freelancer, you may have to deal with topics or industries you are least interested in. For instance, if you are tech-savvy, then you may find it frustrating to write on fashion-related topics. Such things are common when you are working for others, but if you start a blog, you can write what you love to.

However, you cannot expect your blog to make money from the first day. It’s going to be a long journey until you build your blog’s authority and get it monetized. Once the monetization is done, you will start making money on the visit of every reader to your blog. You may also face situations where it is difficult to come up with new ideas. In such cases, you shouldn’t abandon posting on your blog, as it will ruin all your efforts. Instead, you can adopt different strategies, such as repurposing old blog posts. You can use an AI-powered paraphrasing tool to repurpose previously written articles. This tool will help you achieve this objective in an effective manner.

Participate in Writing Competitions

Participating in writing competitions is a great way for writers to make money. The students might not be able to get good writing opportunities in professional setups, as they cannot commit to their availability for a 9 to 5 job. But what’s in their hands is to become a part of writing competitions and succeed in them to make a good amount of money.

You may feel like there will be hardly any chances of you winning a writing competition and making money due to a large pool of candidates competing in it. Undoubtedly, writing competitions aren’t easy to win, but if you follow the right strategy, you can surely become victorious. First of all, you need to be extremely creative while jotting down words for a writing competition. If you manage to surprise the judges of the competition with your creativity, then your chances of winning the writing competition will be very high. 

In addition, you can go through the essays that earned the first award and cash prize to writers.

Join a Digital Marketing Agency

If you don’t wish to struggle to find clients on your own and you need a stable source of income, then you can consider joining a digital marketing agency on a full-time employment contract. Many companies outsource writing and other projects to digital marketing agencies. Hence, they are always looking forward to hiring content writers that can help them meet their content needs.

So, in order to get hired as a content writer in a digital marketing agency, you need to hunt down agencies offering such opportunities. You don’t have to visit every digital marketing agency door-to-door. Make your search easier through platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. After joining a digital marketing agency, you will start making a handsome amount of money every month as a writer. 

However, while working as an in-house content creator, you should stop yourself from using AI-based content generation tools. AI can have a bad influence on your writing career. Therefore, it’s recommended to make use of an AI content detector to make sure your text doesn’t match the patterns of AI-generated content.

Final Words

In the last analysis, we got four possible solutions as a result of how to make money as a writer. Choosing one of the ways described above and sailing in the right direction will definitely help you make a living with your writing hobby. We hope that your journey to make money as a writer doesn’t face any interruptions. If you need assistance with the hassles you face in writing, try searching for the answers to your queries in our other blog posts. Good luck with your future!