Make a sentence clear
02 Oct 2023
4 Mins to Read
Zara Ghafoor

How to Make a Sentence Clear and Concise?

When it comes to writing content, many people consider it just a job of jotting down words. They aren’t aware of its power in the digital world. Their entire focus is on producing lengthy content, as they believe that the lengthy text acquires more readers. However, it is just a misconception, and if you believe in it, then you need to correct yourself.

The major reason behind avoiding this practice is that it creates readability issues in your content. It makes your audience face boredom while reading, and you may also not be able to explain a concept or idea correctly. So, in order to avoid fluff in your content and do clear and concise writing, you can follow certain techniques. 

In this blog, we will discuss tips that can help you make a sentence clear and concise. Also, we will suggest some amazing tools like a sentence rephraser and duplicate checker which can play the role of a helping hand to fulfill this job. Let’s delve into them without any further delay!

Tips to Make a Sentence Clear and Concise

Transforming lengthy and boring-looking text into shortened and clear sentences is essential to engage the readers, It will help the audience to understand the content efficiently. Here are some tips you can follow to make a sentence clear and concise:

Remove Redundancy

When you repeat some unnecessary things while writing, it’s called redundancy. If you are using two same-meaning phrases in a sentence, you should consider removing one of them. Redundancy leads to wordiness that makes the sentences unclear and uninteresting for the readers. This practice should be avoided while writing to jot down words in a clear and concise manner. Redundancy also needs to be avoided because it creates a distraction for the readers. Your sentences can lose their worth and may not convince the readers to take your desired action. Hence, removing redundancy is the best way to avoid this nuisance.

Get Rid of Qualifiers

Qualifiers are some additional words and phrases that are added to express the meaning of a sentence in a better way. However, you can convey the meaning of a sentence without adding qualifiers in your sentences. Qualifiers don’t play a big role in your writing; in fact, they sometimes just unnecessarily increase the length of a sentence. Therefore, if you want to make your sentences clear and concise, you can consider getting rid of qualifiers. Some common qualifiers that you can remove from your sentences to make them concise and clear are somewhat, very, extremely, really, actually, and kind of. If such qualifiers exist in your sentences, you can remove them and still find that your message is being conveyed precisely.

Eliminate Phrases

Phrases also expand the length of sentences and create clarity issues for the readers. In general, phrases are a group of words that collectively represent a single word; however, they don’t contain any subject or verb. They are widely used in writing to describe things, events, and even people. For instance, when describing a large quantity of something, you may use phrases like ‘a wide range of, a copious amount of, a variety of.’ But these phrases will just increase the length of your text. So, if you want to make a sentence clear and concise, you can eliminate phrases from it.

Use a Sentence Rewriter

If you are running short of time and you need to make a sentence clear and concise, then you can take the assistance of the online article rewriter. This facility runs on advanced algorithms that help you shorten sentences and improve their readability in no time. The article rewriter utilizes the Natural Language Processing technique to understand the context of your text and rewrite it accordingly.

You won’t be required to invest manual effort if you choose to use this tool. All you need to do is submit the sentences and choose your desired rewriting mode. As a result, you can get your hands on concise sentences within no time. Moreover, the use of a plagiarism checker can protect you from the allegation of using someone else’s words and help you to produce unique content.

Final Words

Making a sentence clear and concise doesn’t have to be a problem. You can simply follow the tips discussed in this blog to improve the readability of your sentences. Proofreading your work carefully is another important step in ensuring that your sentences are clear and concise. When you’re proofreading, look for any sentences that are too long or wordy and try to remove them. 

By following these tips, you can start to write more concisely and effectively. Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better you will become at writing quality sentences.