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Free Grammar Checker

Our grammar check free tool uses AI-powered capabilities to eliminate grammatical errors and correct writing issues accurately. Give it a try👇!

AI Powered Grammar Checker
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Features Of Our Grammar Check Free Tool

This grammar check tool uses advanced algorithms to make your content error-free in all aspects. Some of its highlighted features are:

Detect Grammar Mistakes

Our grammar corrector can spot all grammatical issues with just one click. Whether you want to conquer subject-verb agreement or check inconsistency in tenses, this online grammar check free tool will surely become your powerful secret weapon.

Highlight Punctuation Errors

RewriteGuru understands the importance of punctuation in written communication. Therefore, it presents the best grammar check free tool with advanced AI mechanisms that can accurately identify the misuse or absence of punctuation marks. It also suggests the most suitable recommendations accordingly.

Unlimited Grammar Checks

Our grammar checker doesn’t have any limitations. You can even run multiple iterations of a lengthy text without facing any restrictions or paying any money for this online grammar check tool.

Suggest Spelling Corrections

This free grammar check utility relies on contextual analysis. Therefore, it can easily detect the wrong usage of homonyms and spelling mistakes. Moreover, you can use its suggestions to create flawless content, whether it's a basic or advanced typo.

Improve Sentence Formation

This powerful tool is trained for detailed grammar checks and enhances sentence formation. Our free grammar checker online utility ensures structure consistency, capitalizes the necessary letters, highlights incomplete phrases, and points out double negative instances.

How Does this Grammar Checker Work?

Upload/Paste Content

Paste your copied content directly or upload a complete document file.

Press Button

Hit the ‘Check Grammar’ button to initiate the grammar check process.

Accept Suggestions

The mistakes will also be highlighted, and the best suitable recommendations will be shown. You can accept and reject them.

Save File

Click on the ‘Download’ button to save the recent version of your text as a file or simply copy it.

Why Choose RewriteGuru’s Online Grammar Corrector?

The grammar checker by RewriteGuru offers a variety of features that can aid users in making their content impeccable. The following characteristics make this tool an exceptional option to check grammar online:

Free & Quick Results

Since this web utility operates on algorithms, it intends to optimize the entire proofreading process. Therefore, with our free grammar check tool, you can quickly find solutions to underlying issues at no additional costs.

Detailed Grammar Check

The advanced technology of this best grammar checker free utility allows it to perform a detailed scan of the entered text and correct grammar mistakes in one click.

Multilingual Support

RewriteGuru’s grammar checker free tool is a universal web utility whose backend has been developed to identify and correct the flaws of content written in multiple languages. You can check grammar in any language you want with just one click.

AI-Powered Suggestions

This grammar check tool uses artificial intelligence to help users make perfect content. The provided recommendations will always be accurate according to the situation.

No Registration

This grammar corrector free tool never asks its users for registration or association with their social credentials. It operates on a freeware pricing model. Therefore, users can enjoy all its features without registering or spending a dime.

Guaranteed Security

This grammar checker online utility prioritizes user security. Therefore, instead of saving the uploaded data on its servers, RewriteGuru instantly deletes the input upon reloading.

A Single Online Grammar Check Tool for All English Variants

English is a global language. Therefore, it is classified into different variants. But no worries, the English grammar check tool by RewriteGuru is a one-stop solution for all of them. This free grammar corrector can automatically detect and fix issues in these variants:

  • American
  • British
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Reasons to Consider Our Grammar Check Tool

Many people question why they should consider using an online free grammar checker. There are many reasons to rely on an automated utility to check and eradicate grammar mistakes. Some are discussed below:

Accuracy & Consistency

Most modern online grammar check tools are trained on advanced linguistic rules, so you won’t have to remember language rules while writing with their assistance. Instead, you can focus on creating content and leave the corrections to these advanced grammar check free utilities.


Flawlessly written communication indicates the professionalism of a writer. However, writing content is impossible with manual effort alone. No matter how attentive you are, some mistakes will remain unchecked. This issue won’t occur with a reliable grammar check online utility. Moreover, you can get the assistance of a plagiarism checker to ensure the duplication is correct.

Boost Writing Skills

Most AI-based grammar check free tools are ideal alternatives to manual proofreading. They not only identify mistakes but also provide correct recommendations. Moreover, with the assistance of our rewriter tool, they can upgrade the quality of their content.


Using an automated grammar correction utility will save time and enhance users' productivity. For instance, users won’t have to spend time locating and rectifying flaws. Instead, they can process the text and wait for a few seconds until the free grammar check tool highlights the identified issues and provides correct suggestions.


Who can use RewriteGuru’s grammar fixer for free?

This grammar checker online tool can correct grammar for teachers and students, writers, bloggers, and researchers. It can also be used by those who write habitually or professionally.

What are the types of content this grammar editor can check?

The powerful AI-based grammar corrector can spot flaws in any type of content, including documents, emails, reports, essays, letters, blog posts, social media posts, website content, creative writing, academic writing, research papers, and thesis.

Is there any limitation to checking my grammar with this tool?

No! This free grammar check online tool has no limitations. With this facility, you can repeatedly proofread a lengthy piece of text, and you can verify your content with unlimited iterations.

What devices and platforms does this tool support?

Since this online grammar checker is a web utility, you can run a grammar check on all devices with access to the internet.

What types of errors does this grammar checker detect?

The free grammar checker by RewriteGuru can detect all types of issues, from basic grammar and punctuation mistakes to sentence structuring and homonym problems.

Free version does not support more than 800 words!

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