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Word Changer

Change words in essays, paragraphs, sentences, and articles for free with our online word spinner to Improve their readability. Give it a try now👇!

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Diverse Roles of our AI Word Spinner

This free word rearranger is an all-in-one facility that serves you for multiple purposes. Explore some of its critical roles.

Essay Word Changing

Our tool allows you to change words in essays and make them more appealing to your teachers. This online word changer for essays can manage technical terms appropriately and maintain the actual meaning.

Paragraph Word Changing

This will change wording of paragraphs and use more appealing synonyms to Improve the quality of your paragraphs. It analyzes the text and then changes paragraph wording with more sophisticated words.

Sentence Word Changing

Our free sentence word changer is a perfect utility for creating multiple versions of the same sentence by changing words. This helps you transform an ordinary sentence into a captivating caption.

Plagiarism Word Changing

Word plagiarism changer removes the instances of plagiarism from your writing and makes it 100% unique. With this tool, you can change words of plagiarized content and turn it into a duplication-free text.

How Does This Word Changer Tool Work?


Paste or upload the text file into this word spinner by clicking on the Upload button.

Select mode

Select the text changing mode from the given options as per your preference.

Start Process

Tap on the Change Words button to initiate the online word-changing process by using AI.

Save Results

Copy the results or download the document into your internal storage by hitting the Download button.

Why Rewriteguru’s Online Word Changing Tool?

Rewriteguru offers its users a state-of-the-art online utility for enhancing their writing skills. Below are some major reasons for preferring this essay word changer tool.


This free word rearranger uses advanced AI technology to change paragraph wording and give you the best quality output. Its backend algorithm scans and analyses the text thoroughly to learn its context. Then, it replaces the words with different vocabulary to give it an entirely new appearance.

Variety of Modes

Our free word switcher has multiple modes for handling various types of content. You can opt for any of these modes as per your requirements. Each mode has exceptional features. You can even test the authenticity of the resultant content by using an online plagiarism checker.

Range of Synonyms

Our essay word changer has a vast database of synonyms. Once you upload a text, the utility scans it and changes paragraph wording with a more engaging vocabulary from its database. The rewritten text will be more attractive to readers.

Free & Unlimited

The online essay checker is a completely free tool that doesn’t require a premium membership. It also doesn’t impose any limitations, such as purchasing a plan, creating an account, or installing the application. You can use this word improver anytime to change words in essays, articles, sentences, and paragraphs.

Academic Assistance

RewriteGuru’s online utility also serves as a great learning asset to individuals. Using this word changer for essays, students can improve their writing and craft an impressive piece of text. This AI word rearranger also helps them enhance their vocabulary and overall writing skills.


Our word improver is an advanced online tool that rewrites words in a sentence and gives them a new appearance. To renew your content, paste your content into this word switcher and press the change words button. This tool will take just a few seconds to complete.

Yes! Analyzing the word switcher results will help you identify your deficiencies and improve your writing skills. For further enhancements, you can also try RewriteGuru’s rewording tool online for free.

Our paragraph word-changing tool enables you to enhance the engagement of your text by replacing words with suitable vocabulary. This will boost your SEO efforts and elevate your chances of ranking higher on search engines.

Our online word switcher maintains the core intent of the submitted text and changes the wording of a paragraph accordingly. You can verify the accuracy of changed sentences by comparing them side-by-side with the original text.

Changing words with a better vocabulary improves readability and clarity. It also assists you in avoiding plagiarism and makes your text unique and inspiring for readers. Our online essay word changer uses AI to perform this task with perfection.

Free version does not support more than 800 words!