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Text Summarizer

Summarizing tool powered by AI shortens the long text without altering the main points. Summarize your text, articles, and paragraphs in one click!

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How To Summarize An Article?

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Insert/Paste Text

Paste your content or upload the text file directly from the device.

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Select Mode

Choose the Mode from the given options as per your requirements.

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Adjust the Length

Make amendments to the summarized text to make it perfect to use.

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Save Summarized Text

Download the generated text to your device by downloading, copying/pasting it into your writing project.

Summarize Text With RewriteGuru

Explore some significant reasons for choosing RewriteGuru’s text summarize tool.

AI-Powered Summarization

This text summarizer tool uses advanced technologies powered by AI to summarize text. It scans your content and extracts all the critical points while preserving the context.

Summarize Any Text

You can summarize all sorts of content with this online summarizer. Summarize articles, paragraphs, essays, blog posts, and other documents to boost your content quality.

Explanation & Writing Improvements

Text summarizer can help you explain concepts in a better way without any chance of missing even a single critical point. Moreover, analyzing its output will help you learn how to summarize text, which ultimately aids in improving your overall writing abilities.

Customization Options

The text summarizing tool gives you complete control over the length adjustments. It will summarize text but also share important details like how many words and sentences the summary holds.

Salient Features Of Text Summarizing Tool

Summarizing tool can boost your efficiency and elevate productivity. Here, we mention some exceptional pros of using this online facility.

Free & Accurate

Our text summarizer is a free tool that provides 100% reliable and accurate results. You can summarize articles, paragraphs, blogs & essays without paying a single penny. To check its accuracy, compare the results with any online summarizing tool.

Exceptional Compatibility

The summarize generator supports multiple file formats. You can upload your PDFs and Word files by clicking the Upload button. You can also paste the text directly into the given field of this summarizing tool.

Summarization Modes

This free summarizer offers two different modes to summarize text.
Paragraph mode: You get output in a paragraph shape.
Bullet mode: Key information will be provided in the form of bullets.

Summarize Unlimited Text

Our summarization tool allows you to summarize as many text files as you desire without observing limitations. Moreover, you don’t need to create an account or share your email address or name while using it.

Instant Unique Output

You can reduce your efforts and get the best quality unique content with the assistance of this free text summarizing tool. The summarize tool quickly shortens lengthy articles or paragraphs with one click. Also, you can verify the genuineness of the content with any online plagiarism checker.

AI Summarizer to Change the Game

AI summarizer has the potential to generate unique and relevant summaries as it uses AI-based technologies to summarize text. Look at how this text summarizer can help:

Article Summarizer

Our free article summarizer can scan through a large volume of articles quickly. It analyzes the structure, extracts vital ideas, and concisely presents the information. This text summarize generator captures the essence of what the article is about while maintaining the overall context of the article.

Sentence Summarizer

Our sentence summarizer can consolidate convoluted phrases into a shorter form. The sentence summarize tool will help you better understand complicated texts and grasp the essential elements faster.

Paragraph Summarizer

Worried about how to summarize a paragraph short? Our paragraph summarizer tool proves helpful when dealing with lengthy or complicated paragraphs.

Essay Summarizer

Our essay summarizer performs a comprehensive analysis of essays and grasps the main ideas. With this summarize essay tool, you can assess the overall context of the essay without going through the entire text.

Paper Summarizer

Our AI paper summarizer can be helpful when summarizing academic publications. The tool effectively extracts relevant information, highlighting extensive research papers' main conclusions, methods, and findings.

Book Summarizer

Our AI book summarizer can save time by providing precise and concise summaries. The summarize tool covers all the primary points of the book and presents the core idea.

Story Summarizer

Our story summarizer examines the structure and identifies condensed fictional and non-fictional stories' key events, characters, and themes. It helps to generate a summary that captures the actual image of the provided story. 

Word Summarizer

Our word summarizer cuts through the clutter and extracts the juiciest bits in a few seconds. It provides the key points neatly condensed for your busy brain.

Users Of Rewrite Guru’s Summarizer Tool

The text summarizing tool by RewriteGuru assists individuals from almost all significant professions and domains of life. Below are some primary beneficiaries:

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By using this summarize tool free, webmasters do not need to worry about the accuracy and flawlessness of their website content. This utility will undoubtedly assist them in managing their efforts and protect the website from any search engine penalty.

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This online text summarizer helps students to craft quality assignments and get good grades. It reduces their writing efforts and enables them to extract key points from any article, book, chapter, or research paper shared by their teacher or on the web. This free summarizing tool allows them to complete the assignment in time.

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This AI text summarizer allows professionals to shorten business meeting transcripts into brief bullet points. It summarizes reports, emails, and other official documents, which helps in easy decision-making.

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With this summarising tool's help, researchers and writers can avoid the hassle of reading the entire article and get familiar with the core idea of any paper in a few seconds. Moreover, the assistance of an online paraphrasing tool can also be taken to renew the old published content.



Text summarization is the process of pressing a lengthy text into a short form that can be easy to understand.

Yes! Our AI Text summarizer is the safest option to generate a summary online. All your submitted text will automatically be erased from its servers once you get the summarized text.

No! The text summarizing tool by RewriteGuru can handle all types of content without altering the original context. You can summarize paragraphs, articles, papers, essays, stories, and emails with the same meaning as they genuinely have.

Yes, This text summarizer allows you to create a better content structure and emphasize its main points.

Yes! Our text summarizer tool supports all major languages. Besides English, it works with Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese and other major languages.

Free version does not support more than 800 words!